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A New book by Kriston Reisnour

Finally, you now have in your hands a book that might be considered the Holy Grail for overall health. You will be reading the integrated thoughts of registered Dental Hygienist Kriston Reisnour, who will guide you through the real story about gut health, oral health, and systemic disease. It’s easy and fun to read. After reading this book, you will be amazed by how much knowledge you will have gained. This book will become your favorite health resource going forward. Starting with the first few pages of the book, you will be introduced to some very personal stories. You might find yourself saying, “This person is just like me!” Getting into the meat of the book, you will discover that the gut and the mouth play critical roles in the development of various chronic diseases. If a clinician would only treat the gut without treating the mouth, the overall health results would be compromised. If a clinician would only treat the mouth and ignore treating the gut, the same compromised outcome would result for overall health. In this book, Kriston takes you on an interesting and revealing journey. You’ll learn about the fire in the belly, the infection in the mouth, and the spread of chronic systemic inflammation and infection. All areas of your body are at risk of developing chronic disease if the gut and the mouth are not brought into a state of balance and health. And by the way, get to the last Chapter as soon as you can. It will tempt your taste buds with some delicious and healthy recipes that you won’t find anywhere else.

“Dr. Al” Danenberg
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner
ADAPT Trained Health Professional
Certified Primal Health Coach