Kriston Reisnour


"Bridging the gap between medical and dental providers and achieving optimal health"

Integrated Healthcare Specialist


I am inspired and passionate about learning and sharing information that helps people life a long, productive, and fulfilling life. My parents both died early, at the ages of 58 and 60. Chronic disease robbed them of so many opportunities to enjoying and make memories with their children, grandchildren, and even meet great children. My goal is to give individuals, including healthcare providers, the information needed to live a long, productive independent life. Chronic disease is optional!

We had the honor to work with Kriston to assist us in bringing our message of oral/systemic health to the forefront of medicine and dentistry. Ms. Reisnour’s expertise in dental hygiene and vascular wellness is exceptional. Kriston is a sought-after speaker and can articulate her message with scientific depth and empathy. As a writer, she is proficient and can write scholarly papers which are regularly approved through the peer review process.

- Amy Doneen DNP, ARNP, Medical Director for Heart Attack, Stroke and Diabetes Prevention Center Spokane WA

“Kriston Reisnour, RDH, BSDH, CCSH, COMS is passionate about bringing a practical application of true interprofessional care to dental healthcare providers. Utilizing the Bale-Doneen method, Kriston teaches about the killer impact of oral inflammation and systemic vascular inflammation. Become empowered to save someone’s life. It might be your own.”

- Noel Paschke, RDH, MS Director of Education ACTEON North American

WOW!!! Kriston, I just read your whole course. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with how well you covered our method! Thank you so much for getting this out. Your efforts with this may help save millions of lives. Bless you for this!

Bradley Bale MD, Co Author of Beat the Heart Attack Gene


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